Byung-Chul Han’s ‘In the Swarm’: 8 Key Takeaways on Digital Technology’s Impact on Society

In "In the Swarm: Digital Prospects (Untimely Meditations)", author Byung-Chul Han explores the implications of digital technology on modern society. Han is a philosopher and cultural theorist who is known for his unique insights into the intersection of technology, culture, and society. How is digital technology shaping our world, and what can we learn from it? In this video, we'll explore 8 key takeaways from Han's book that shed light on these questions.

The Dangers of Social Media: How It Can Undermine Introspection and Conviction

"Inundated via social media with the opinions of multitudes, users are diverted from introspection; in truth many technophiles use the internet to avoid the solitude they dread. All of these pressures weaken the fortitude required to develop and sustain convictions that can be implemented only by traveling a lonely road, which is the essence of creativity." — Henry Kissinger


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