Brightness and Joy Overflow in ‘Children on the Beach’ by Joaquín Sorolla

"Children on the Beach" by Joaquín Sorolla is a captivating portrayal of childhood innocence and joy in a coastal setting. Created in 1910, this oil painting measures approximately 118 centimeters in height by 185 centimeters in width. It belongs to the Museo del Prado in Madrid, where it arrived from the Museum of Modern Art, donated by the artist himself in 1919.

The Death of Socrates: A Masterpiece by Jacques-Louis David

The Death of Socrates is an oil on canvas painting created by French painter Jacques-Louis David in 1787. The painting depicts the final moments of Socrates, the famous philosopher of ancient Greece who was sentenced to death by drinking poison hemlock. The painting is part of the neoclassical style, which was popular in the 1780s and depicted subjects from the Classical age.