The Best of Francisco de Quevedo: Quotes That Will Make You Think

Francisco de Quevedo is a renowned Spanish writer, poet, and satirist of the Baroque era. His works are still widely read and appreciated today, and his quotes continue to inspire and resonate with readers. If you’re curious about his ideas and beliefs, this video is for you. We’ve compiled his most influential quotes to give you a taste of his brilliant mind and wit.

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If you want to learn more about Francisco de Quevedo’s life and works, we highly recommend his most famous work, “El Buscón.” This novel tells the story of a young man’s journey through life and his struggles with society’s hypocrisy and corruption. It is a powerful satire that showcases Quevedo’s unique perspective and literary style.

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Francisco de Quevedo es un reconocido escritor, poeta y satírico español de la época Barroca. Sus obras todavía son ampliamente leídas y apreciadas en la actualidad, y sus citas continúan inspirando y resonando con los lectores. Si tienes curiosidad por sus ideas y creencias, este video es para ti. Hemos compilado sus citas más influyentes para darte un sabor de su mente brillante e ingenio.

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Si quieres aprender más sobre la vida y obras de Francisco de Quevedo, te recomendamos altamente su obra más famosa, “El Buscón“. Esta novela cuenta la historia del viaje de un joven a través de la vida y sus luchas contra la hipocresía y corrupción de la sociedad. Es una sátira poderosa que muestra la perspectiva y estilo literario único de Quevedo.

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2 thoughts on “The Best of Francisco de Quevedo: Quotes That Will Make You Think

  1. Great video! Quevedo’s quotes are truly inspiring and it’s interesting to see them compiled in one place. I’m curious, what inspired you to create this video and how did you go about choosing which quotes to include?

    Yoy Edib


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the video about Francisco de Quevedo’s quotes. I’m glad to hear that you found it inspiring and interesting. It’s always exciting to see great thinkers and writers being celebrated and their ideas shared with a wider audience. The process of selecting quotes for such a video can be challenging, as there are likely many great quotes to choose from, but it’s important to carefully curate the collection to ensure that it’s both representative of the writer’s ideas and engaging for the audience.


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